Hot Spring Adventures

Travertine Hot Springs

Travertine Hot Springs

Location: Bridgeport, California

Spring Type(s): hand carved, man-made pools

Temperature Range: 100-115 F

Clothing Optional: Yes

Spring Description:
Travertine Hot Springs are one the most beautiful hot springs in California.  They are hand carved out of the very travertine rock from which the 140 F water emerges.  There are 2 main sources.  The pool closest to the parking area has a way to divert the scolding water, so the temperature of this pool can range between 108 F and up to 115 F.  The other source feeds a set of 3 connected pools.  The source comes out of the top of a rock formation and flow can be diverted to make each tub an equal moderatley hot pool or the flow can be diverted to just one tub which can be quite hot.  All of these pools can hold at 5-6 people each, so it is rare not to be able to soak here.

There is a third source that according to some books is not actually apart of Travertine called Mollies Hot Spring.  It is located less than a quarter mile from the parking area and sometimes has a wooden bench across it.  Mollies is very hot also and offers spectacular views with more privacy.  Mollies is only big enough for 2-3 people.

Lodging/Camping Options:
There are a couple of motels within a 3 mile drive from the actually hot springs.  There is no drinking water near the hot springs, but there is a vault toilet stocked with toilet paper.  No one is allowed to camp next to the springs.  In fact, there are signs designating the closest point at which dispersed camping is allowed near the springs.