Hot Spring Adventures

Sykes Hot Springs

Sykes Hot Springs

Location: Big Sur, California

Spring Type(s): natural, cement

Temperature Range: 100-102 F

Clothing Optional: Yes

Spring Description:
Sykes Hot Springs provides secclution to the busy pace of everyday life. It is accessible via a 10 mile hike that is both strenuous and beautiful. Along the hike you will see giant California Redwood trees.ferns of many types, Banana Slugs, and other unique features that only Big Sur can offer. There are plenty of places along the trail to filter/purify water in case you do not want carry all of your water from the start.

Once you arrive at the hot springs location, you will find there only about 7 official campsites (only ones with fire grates).  There are other makeshift campsites, but if there is not already a fire pit, then do not create one.  On the weekends, Sykes can have 50 to 100 people visiting, so it is best to grab the first campsite you can find.

There are 3 hot spring sources feeding 3 seperate pools. Two of the pools have a drain which allows visitors to clean and refresh the water in the tubs.

Lodging/Camping Options:
There are at least 3 backpacking spots along the trail to Sykes Hot Springs. There are at least 2 pit toilets at the half-way point to Sykes and 2 more about 3 miles from Sykes.  Also, there are 2 pit toilets near Sykes Camp.

There are a couple of motels in the town of Big Sur also.  Near the traill head there are several official campgrounds: