Hot Spring Adventures

Sepse Hot Springs

Sepse Hot Springs

Location: Ojai, California

Spring Type(s): natural

Temperature Range: 100-135 F

Clothing Optional: Yes

Spring Description:
Sespe Hot Springs has one of the largest and hottest sources in California.  The source is above 180 degrees, so most soaking takes place about 0.75 miles downstream from the source.  Depending on how hot you want your soak to be, you can pick a spot up or down the river of water to find your perfect temperature.  There are two main ways of getting to the spring.  One is a trail involving 17 miles one-way of easy to moderate hiking.  The other trail involves a 3000 feet decline over 9 miles.  This second route is only acceessible certain times of the year because the access road to the trail head is typically shutdown during rain periods in the winter months.  During the summer, the air temperatures can get above 100 degrees and drinking water sources can dry up also.  It is best to visit between November and early May. 

Lodging/Camping Options:
At both trail heads there is tent camping available.  The closest motel to the trail heads are at least 40 minutes away.