Hot Spring Adventures

Saline Valley Hot Springs

Saline Valley Hot Springs

Location: Death Valley, California

Spring Type(s): concrete/stone, natural

Temperature Range: 103-108 F

Clothing Optional: Yes

Spring Description:
Desert oasis is the best description of this remote hot springs destination.  There are two main routes into the springs and they both involve driving a high clearance (4x4 is even better) vehicle at least 2 hours off any main road.  With all the ammenities (hot showers, clean vault toilets, community campfires, kitchen sink with running water) you would think you were at a camping resort instead of out in the middle of Death Valley National Park.  

Most people visit for 3-5 days at a time because of how far the drive is.  You create your own campsite by parking your car and setting up camp.  There is enough room here to hold the 300-400 people who pilgrimage here every Thanksgiving for a potluck style lunch.  There are picnic tables and plenty of room to sit in the grass-covered lawn watered by sprinklers.

There are many optional day execursions one can take to visit near by slot canyons, waterfalls, sand dunes.  Some of these extra execurions require very high clearance vehicles to power over large rocks and warped paths.

Lodging/Camping Options:
The nearest hotel is about 2.5 hours drive from the hot springs.  Most people tent camp near the hot springs, because there are plenty of disperesed campsites within a 5-10 minute walk to the hot springs.  There are at least 3 vault toilets and they are kept very clean by volunteers.  There are actually hot showers that use the hot spring sources.  Each pool area has its own shower.