Hot Spring Adventures

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If a hot spring is designated as "Clothing Optional", is everybody typically naked?

Answer: Absolutely not. It means the spring is historically known to have some soakers who choose to soak without clothes. There is never an obligation or an expectation to soak nude.

Question: Can I bring my child on an adventure?

Answer: We require that all members be at least 18 years of age when joining us on an adventure.

Question: Can I bring my pet on an adventure?

Answer: Before bringing your pet (dog, cat, etc...) on a trip, it is advised to ask the host of the trip. There are certain trails and places we visit where either a pet is not allowed or it would not be a very convenient place to have a pet. If you were to bring your pet, you would be responsible for keeping it from bothering anyone else and bagging/carrying out any poop.