Hot Spring Adventures

About Us

Hot Spring Adventures started as a group in June of 2013 and then taken off Meetup as a private group. This website serves as a place for existing members to join trips and for potential members to learn about the places we visit. In September 2014, the group was taken off and about 50 members joined the offline version.

We have a diverse group of members who enjoy hot springs. There is no cost to join or to be a member. For some adventures, we may need to make reservations that require an upfront deposit. In such a case, we will ask members signed up for such an event to send us money using an online payment.

We rate the difficulty of our adventures with a 3 level system defined below:

Level 1
These hot springs can be reached by almost everyone. Adventures typically involve the ability to drive right up to the hot spring. This level also includes hot springs involving an easy hike less than 1/4 mile.

Level 2
These adventures are comprised of two types. The first type would be a day hike of moderate trail difficulty and total round-trip distance up to 15 miles. The second type would involve backpacking (at least one night stayover) of an easy to moderate trail difficulty and total round-trip distances up to 15 miles.

Level 3
These adventures are for our most advanced hikers and backpackers. The trail difficulty for day hikes would be strenuous and include total round-trip distance up to 20 miles. The trail difficulty for a backpacking trip (at least one night stayover) would be either moderately strenuous to strenuous and include total round-trip distances up to 40 miles.